Updates on FMRP Mock Exams over the weekend at MockExamPrep.com

FMRP Candidates:

We have updated our FMRP mock exams over the weekend. Please remember to take advantage of updated questions by reattempting your FMRP mock exam at MockExamPrep.com.

All the newly added / updated questions are already been added to the FMRP mock exam sets. Users who are currently subscribed to FMRP mock exams, updated mock exam questions will automatically be available to you.


Policy Change Announcement for the History of Previously Attempted Mock Exams for all Users

Dear Users,

We at MockExamPrep.com are committed to provide ours users with the best in possible solution for your exam preparation. As you know, at MockExamPrep.com we always keep the history of all your previously attempted mocks and for all our users for more then a year, which are available in your “Previously Attempted Mock Exams” section on your MockExamPrep.com Home page.

As we all know the syllabus for most of the courses and exams are regularly updated by the respective exam authorities in order to accommodate any new and updated policies and also to adapt with rapid changes going around, and there is also a need to shorten the length of our record keeping policies at MockExamPrep.com.

As we noticed many of our users also refers to their historical mocks regularly and as the exam syllabus or the pattern may change anytime, we also have to change our mock exam syllabus, questions and the answers accordingly. The historical mocks in such cases may not provide you with the correct pattern or the updated mock exams, and you should re-take the test.

As per the new policy going forward, all your previously held mock exams will only be available for 3 months only and after which you will have options to make it available for another 3 months and so on, but if you do not take any action to renew it further, it will be deleted automatically and will be removed from the list of your previously attempted mocks.

Soon we will be introducing you with a new option in your previously attempted mocks, which will facilitate you to renew it for 3 months in advance. Please do not hesitate to send us an email at support@mockexamprep.com if you have any questions or suggestions to improve further on our services or portal.

Yours Sincerely,

Update Announcement for CEI Mock Exams

Dear All CEI Candidates,

We are in process of updating all the available CEI Mock Exams available at MockExamPrep.com and soon all the updated mock exams will be available to all our users.

All existing subscribers of CEI Mock Exams just wait for the upgrade and for our next announcement and it will automatically be available and upgraded as part of your current subscription.

We would also like to inform everyone that, post upgrade there will also be a little increase in the cost of all the available and new CEI Mock Exams including few others due to higher cost of maintaining the new and improved pattern and also to bring our users with the best for their exams.

All existing and new subscribers who have paid for their subscription before this upgrade they will continue to enjoy this new and improved pattern at no extra cost until the expiry of their current subscription.

Yours Sincerely,

Now see the topics along with your questions while attempting your mock exams at MockExamPrep.com

MockExamPrep.com has now been added with a new feature to have you aware of the topics for every questions you attempt during your mock exams. This will help you identify areas of your exam syllabus and you can easily match every question with its related topics within your exam curriculum.

More enhanced features coming your way soon, be connected and stay tuned…

Changes coming your way at MockExamPrep.com

At MockExamPrep.com we are committed to provide the best user experience and always tend to improve upon our services based on all the valuable feedbacks we receive from our users from time to time.

Yes, MockExamPrep.com is soon coming-up with new features in order to provide with the best possible experience during your mock exam preparation. We are in process of incorporating some of the nice features based on the comments and suggestions we have received from our users in the last few months and you will soon experience those.

Stay tuned and we will keep you updated when these features will be live and available for your best experience with MockExamPrep.com…

MockExamPrep.com announces introducing addition of new exams for Malaysian candidates

Coming May, we are happy to announce that MockExamPrep.com is introducing Malaysia in the list of its country specific exams and candidates from Malaysia will now be able to perform practice as well as complete mock exams for many examinations conducted by Government as well as Private sectors in Malaysia.

To start with we are currently introducing with the Insurance sector exams conducted by Malaysian Insurance Institute (MII) for the Malaysian insurance industry and as well as for all the Insurance Professionals in Malaysia.

We invite all Malaysian candidates who are preparing for Insurance sector examinations to register for a free Practice Mock Test at MockExamPrep.com. Candidates who are preparing for other examinations, may also register their interest and our team will prioritize the most desiring exams in our new exam additions…
Visit today to know more about MockExamPrep.com

Subscribe to your Mock Exams before May 1st, 2014, and all prices are flat until April 30, 2014

A great opportunity to save until this month end, as we have made all prices flat at $5.90 for all the available mock exams at MockExamPrep.com until April 30, 2014. In addition you will also continue to enjoy 10% off your total bill if you include multiple sets of the same exam in your single purchase.

Wish you all a very Good Friday and have Happy Holidays.